Antonio Masiello


Mr. Antonio Masiello was born in Gaeta (Lt) on 4th August 1958.It was in Gaeta, at the age of twelve, that he started taking classical guitar lessons, and with time he matured a profound relationship with the instrument.

During the 1970’s and the 1980’s his passion for American music leads him to play various types of music in different groups, using various electrical and acoustic sounds which became the base and motivation of his work and commitment with the instrument. It is through repairing personal instruments that he gains experience and progressively masters refined skills which bring him to be reknowned nationwide.

In 1981 shortly after graduating at ISEF (P.E. teacher) he moves to Cremona and Bergamo for working reasons, and here he has the opportunity to study the art of instrument making, thus transforming what had been a hobby into something more important.

While colaborating and playing in the singer LUCIANO RAVASIO’S group he moves to Rome in 1991. Here he continues his professional growth by working for some musical instruments shops where he carries out mastery repair work to a whole range of string instruments: violins, mandolins, guitars, bass and double bass. However, it must be said, Mr. Masiello’s luthier teachings were given to him by his father, Raffaele, who had an immense passion for music and a great professional experience in working with wood. He made a dozen violins, some guitars and a number of scale model ships, ranging from those contained in bottles to those 2metres in length.

In 1994 , Antonio, while exploiting his musical and cultural horizons in contemporary jazz like ethnic music, becomes a member of the “GUILD OF AMERICAN LUTHIERS”. In the 41st issue of the AMERICAN LUTHERIE (quaterly publication of the G.A.L.) one of Antonio’s articles is published. It deals with the construction of a particular tool designed to make the grooves that lodge the strings on the capotasto found on the neck of string instruments. In 1998 the 4th issue of GUITAR CLUB publishes an article which describes one of his model instruments called “ACOUSTIC/ELECTRIC”, made for the guitarist PIERO DEL PRETE(Sony Music). In the summer of 1998 he participated and exhibited one of his model instruments “ACOUSTIC/ELECTRIC” in the XV edition of the “NATIONAL CONVENTION/EXHIBITION” held at the “PACIFIC LUTHERAN UNIVERSITY, TACOMA W.A. USA”. Here he receives great acclamation and appreciation which he continues to have throughout his tour bringing him to New York, Tacoma, and Seattle.

In 1999 he participates in the first edition of the luthiers’ contest, organized by WILDER DAVOLI, placing himself in third position; in the same year he participates in a guitar exhibition organized by the CONSERVATOIRE OF MONOPOLI. In September 1999 he meets Mr. Robert Godin and they establish an excellent relationship. In June 2000 Antonio takes part in the “GODIN FACTORIES TOUR” in Canada and the USA, visiting the production factories and its general headquaters. In the month of January 2001 this meeting generates his collaboration with the famous GRISBY MUSIC DISTRIBUTIONS which assign him the technical assistance for the trade marks: GRETSCH, GODIN, NORMAN E. ART AND LUTHERY for the guitar and bass sections.
Up to date, Antonio, has made several professional instruments and has carried out thousands of classical and electrical lutheries on any type of stringed instrument.